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Iknow it's late

Happy Birthday sibilla_dangers </span>!

Which Goddess lurks in your soul?

Which Goddess lurks in your soul?


You hold more power in your little finger than most do in their entire being! Hecate is perhaps the most selective of all deities who inhabit the souls of mortals. Being the goddess of the crossroads, Cosmic Knowledge, and of course witches and magic she can’t be bothered by residing in the souls of the mundane. She often chooses those who practice the craft of the old ways and those who harbor deep mystical secrets that must be kept close. Your soul is old, perhaps having been present at the birth of the cosmos in some form or another. Your ability to comprehend the necessity of death and it’s beauty have awakened a connection to the underworld, where Hecate has been known to reign and you relish this otherworldly bond. Darkness suits you well, as many of the best secrets of the cosmos can be found there.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!!!
Big birthday wishes to my friends khatife andseraaalicious[Unknown LJ tag]


Happy Birthday!!!!
Have a great day
I snagged this from L...

This is fun......

Pick the month you were born in.

1 - I ate
2 - I jumped
4 - I needed
5 - l ran shirtless with
6 - I cuddled with
7 - I smoked with
8 - I banged
9 - I shot
10 - I robbed
11 - I stabbed
12 - I killed

Pick the day you were born on

01 - A toothbrush
02 - a dog
03 -a hottie
04 - A homo
05 - a rock star
06 - my lover
07 - my boyfriend
08 - a glass of milk
09 - the kool-aid man
10 - a homeless guy
11 - the trojan man
12 - a teletubby
13 - a porn star
14 - a drink
15 - a horse
16 - a pot head
18 - a stripper
19 - a crackhead
20 -a condom
21 - Paris Hilton
22 - Barney the dinosaur
23 - the cookie monster
24 - a easter egg
25 -a bowl of cereal
26 - a golf ball
27 - a bag of weed
28 - a French fry
29 - your mom
30 - a mop
31 - Ur grandma

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing

White - because that bitch stole my taco
Black - because I'm sexy like that
Pink - Because I'm good in bed
Red - because I have AMAZING boobs
brown- because I had to
Polka Dots - because I hate my boyfriend!!!
Purple - because I'm gay
Gray - because I love marijuana
Other - because I have double D's
Green - because I love to snort cocaine.
Orange - because I smoked crack
Turquoise - because I have a noodle in my nose
blue - because I'm a pimp
Shirtless - because I've got abs
Ty dye- because I didn't like the way they looked at me
Stolen from the ever sweet and popular </a></b></a></div>lilachill :

"Pay It Forward: I will send a handmade (or at least I'll do everything I can to make it handmade) gift to the first 5 people who leave a comment here on my blog. I don't yet know what that gift will be, but you will receive it within 365 days. The only thing you have to do in return is "pay it forward" by making a similar agreement on your blog / journal.